Index of personnel of the 9th Battalion, The Royal Scots 1900-1923

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Version 6, April 2020, 1659 pages total

This list of personnel has been compiled whilst researching A History of the 9th (Highlanders) Royal Scots, The Dandy Ninth (published December 2019) and forms an index of various sources. Users are in all cases directed to the source information.

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A list of some abbreviations found in this index. These are in addition to the Sources listed for the second column of the index

2/Lt, 2nd Lt.Second Lieutenant (rank)
A&SHArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders (corps)
A/Acting (rank)
AdjAdjutant (officer function)
att, attdAttached
BdeBrigade (unit)
BnBattalion (unit)
CBConfined to Barracks
ColColonel (rank)
commCommissioned (becomes an officer)
CoyCompany (unit)
Cpl, CorpCorporal (rank)
Cpt, CaptCaptain (rank)
CSColour Sergeant (rank)
CSMCompany Sergeant Major (rank)
d.Died or Daughter of
DivDivision (unit)
DOWDied of Wounds, or Duration of War
DSODistinguished Service Order (medal)
e.Enlisted or Educated
EEDEdinburgh Evening Dispatch
EENEdinburgh Evening News
F&FFrance & Flanders
GHGordon Highlanders (corps)
GSWGun Shot Wound
GWFGreat War Forum
HLIHighland Light Infantry (corps)
IWMImperial War Museum
KIAKilled in Action
KOSBKing’s Own Scottish Borderers (corps)
L/Lance (rank) i.e. Lance-Corporal or -Sergeant
LtLieutenant (rank)
IBDInfantry Base Depot (often Etaples)
MajMajor (rank)
MCMilitary Cross (medal)
MGMachine Gun
MICMedal Index Card
MMMilitary Medal, also Médaille Militaire (medal)
OTCOfficer Training Corps (corps)
PtePrivate (rank)
QRVBQueens Rifle Volunteer Brigade (corps)
RAFRoyal Air Force (corps)
RERoyal Engineers (corps)
RFCRoyal Flying Corps (corps)
RHRoyal Highlanders (The Black Watch)(corps)
RoHRoll of Honour
RS, R. ScotsRoyal Scots (corps)
RSFRoyal Scots Fusiliers (corps)
RSMRegimental Sergeant Major (rank)
s.Son of
Sec. Lt.Second Lieutenant (rank)
Sgt, Sergt, SrgtSergeant / Serjeant (rank)
SRScottish Rifles (the Cameronians)(corps)
T/Temporary (rank)
TFTerritorial Force (formed from VB in 1908)
TNAThe National Archives
VBVolunteer Battalion (becoming TF in 1908)
WOWar Office (including record references), or Warrant Officer

In addition there are various forms of rank in the Quartermaster function such as QM, QMS, CQM, RQM, RQMS.

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I hope it will be of some use to those researching family members. Please be aware that there is considerable room for error in a list such as this, and sincere apologies are expressed for any errors that may be found.

Similarly, this index points at a lot of other people’s hard work, and their publications should always be viewed to see the information in its original form. If you wish something deleted, or would like an attribution changed, please contact me.

Corrections, clarifications and additions are all welcome to

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

These corrections were submitted to CWGC in November 2019

  1. Campbell Duncan 352144 I, Queen St = 1 Queen St.
  2. Cantellow, Robert Richard is elsewhere Cintellow? (Medal Roll, Soldiers Died, Soldiers Effects, MIC)
  3. Clunie, WH. Graves Registration Report has WH Clunies, 11/RS and died 25.4.18
  4. Coats, John MacGregor I=1 Albion Place
  5. Daniels, Harry 350663 1 8 = 18
  8. Durie, Alexander I = 1
  9. Aitken, T 351434, 1 19 = 119
  10. Anderson, Peter Hendry, IO = 10, Valleyfield. Note CWGC has sister as Snaddon, other records as Sneddon. 
  11. Barnes, Ernest III = 111
  12. Beecham, Herman II = 11
  13. Boon, William 1 6 = 16
  14. Barroman, James C is correct from your GRR, but every other record I have of him is Barrowman. 
  15. Ferguson, William Percival ‘AFTER SERVING G MONTHS IN FRANCE.’ should be “after serving 9 months in France”
  18. Goldstein, S 352433,  1 1  = 11
  19. Gradwell, D 58917 I=1
  21. Kilpatrick, J 3575 I=1
  22. Laing, William 2105 Pencaidand = Pencaitland
  23. MACDONALD, JOHN ROW MACKENZIE Thisde St = Thistle St.
  24. MACDONALD, N M, Private, ‘350294’ I=1
  25. MACLENNAN, RODERICK, ‘1834’ GO = 90, Blackford Avenue 
  26. McDOUGALL, THOMAS,  ‘351350’ McDougall and McDougal shown here and in GRR
  27. McKEE, W, Corporal, ‘350965’ I=1
  28. MUDIE, J, Second Lieutenant, Greece. Most of the information I have (London Gazette, St Andrews Univ RoH, medal roll) has him as Royal Scots Fusiliers and not Royal Scots?
  29. NELSON, JAMES MARTIN, ‘1651’ INVERLIETHEN RD. = Inverleithen Rd?
  30. NEWTON, JOHN, ‘200656’,  III = 111?
  31.  NORTHCOTE, A W,  ‘302312’,  19, A/915 ST. = 19 Algis St 
  32.  ORMISTON, ARCHIBALD MURRAY,  ‘350426’ IO4 =104 
  33. RANKIN, R, Private, ‘51390’ II = 11
  34. ROBLEY, GEORGE, ‘270709’ II = 11
  35. SHARP, G N, ‘351496’ IO = 10
  36. SHEPHERD, WILLIAM ANDREW, ‘44141’, Bamfshire = Banffshire 
  37.  SMEATH, R, ‘350389’, Grave Registration Report has ‘Sneath’, but I see both names in use 
  38.  TURNBULL, J R, ‘351448’  = 351488? other records have the latter number (Soldiers Died, Medal Roll, Soldiers Effects, MIC) 
  39.  WILL, A C, Private, ‘28970’ ?Looks like this should be 58970 Arthur C Will? Graves Registration Report has A. Wills 58970 
  40.  WRIGHT, A G, ‘350234’,  363, EASTIN RD. = 363 Easter Road, Leith

David Callander looks like he was 7th and not 9th Royal Scots.